HAWA-Frontfold 20

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Product description

Whenever you want to provide shade to facades with high glass content, a folded HAWA-Frontfold 20 offers a space-saving solution. The hardware allows you to install folding and sliding shutter panels weighing up to 20 kg either in front of the windows or to the exterior of the balcony and to fold them inwards or outwards accordingly. The shutters can be folded together and placed sideways at an angle of 90° to the front of the window.

HAWA-Frontfold 20 is characterised by an impressive degree of flexibility: installations can have a virtually unlimited number of shutter panels made of wood and aluminium, and the end shutter can be fastened independently of the jamb as it is secured in the guide tracks and top tracks by means of pivot bearings.


Hawa, Switzerland

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