Product description

In Nomono there are integrated cable boxes that hide the cable clutter that usually occurs in an office. The box is handy for laptop, ipod or phone charger. It can also be equipped with a USB or other technology that connects the office. Nomono also have

a much appreciated storage series. This year it has been increased with two new types of storages. We have chosen to call them A‐side and B‐side. It is important that the workplace may look different. You can choose the accessories you want and color aft

er taste or to suit the corporate image. Nomono is specially designed to work in open plan offices. With its clear and firm horisontals tables calms down an environment that can sometimes be perceived as a bit chaotic with the desktop screens at different

altitudes. The legs have covered sides to further tidy up the office. Nomono now also has another type of leg, a more classic height‐adjustable leg with a massive steel foot, we call it Nomono T. Everything to make it possible to use Nomono in all kind

s of environments and offices. Nomono is truly worked out in every detail. A reliable, highly competent and attractive fellow worker.

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Horreds, Sweden

Fredrik Mattson