Product description

OXO provides the backbone of the open Office and give the user new opportunities for creative cooperation with colleagues. Work‐place design is characterised by a storage bench/side storage, common to the two working sites. This table contains both book‐a

nd folder storage and at the same time hide computer/CPU andassociated cable tangle under the table. This bench unites workplaces between table neighbors while the bench along with tabletop provides structure and clarity to the room. When storage is in a

higher model (1200 mm high) it creates spatial partitioning and soundproofing against neighbours. Handles can be obtained in pure metals such as brass and brushed stainless steel. OXO gives the operator great freedom of choice and numerous opportunities

for personal touch. The series unique structure, design and details creates, together with Horreds' feeling for materials processing, an elegant, functional and unique whole.

Table top shaperectangular

Horreds, Sweden

Lars Pettersson

Morgan Rudberg