Product description

Composit is a multi-lamp system made of modular elements. Available in suspended, wall-mounted horizontal and vertical versions, Composit combines high-technology with extreme elegance.

Flexibility is the system's main feature: Composit creates

indirect general lighting and direct accent lighting at the same time.
Different lighting solutions cohabit in the same fitting and come to life according to the specific requirements of space.

The structural multi-lamp elements are avai

lable in three different lengths, designed to house two, three or four adjustable optical assemblies; the use of blind covers additionally increases the system's flexibility, providing light where and when needed. A series of reglettes with different leng

ths for T16 fluorescent tubes with indirect emission can be combined with modules and covers.

Linear couplings, L-shaped corner couplings, and spacers make it possible to obtain multiple compositions: individual linear or continuous rows, doub

le linear with opposite modules, either square and rectangular. A more compact version especially designed for the retail sector is provided with three assemblies and four gyroscopes on a standard length.

The optical assemblies are adjustable i

n all directions and provided with mechanical blocking devices in the two rotation directions to guarantee exact and stable aiming of the light beam. An additional feature is the range of glass accessories for technical and decorative lighting effects.

Composit is a sustainable fitting made of aluminium: extruded aluminium for modules and die-cast aluminium for optical assemblies.

Form of protection (DIN 40050)IP20 protection against: solids > 12 mm
Safety classclass I (protective earthing)
Fire prevention classesF
shades of grey

iGuzzini, Italy

Jean Michel Wilmotte

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