Express LED

Express LED
Product description

Strongly innovative as well as extremely flexible and professional, recessed Express is a perfect combination of shape and technology.

It is an essential projector which finds formal expression in a recessed downlighter. The extractable body ha

s double adjustability. The optical assemblies are available in four sizes and can be applied in single or multiple configurations, with two and three elements.

False-ceiling installation is possible thanks to different frames: either the class

ic Minimal/Frame versions or the new round versions, all of them available in white and grey.

The light sources range from low-voltage halogen to discharge lamps, including LEDs, multi-diode RGB or single-colour biodynamic lamps - mixed sources

are possible too. This makes it possible for a single product to produce extraordinary light scenes and consistently meet the different requirements in a lighting scheme: from boutiques to jewellery shops, from art galleries to large exhibition areas.

All the versions come equipped with mechanical locking devices for the aiming system, which can be adjusted 355° around the vertical axis and 65° with respect to the horizontal plane. The recessed frames are made of metal. The lamp compar

tment is made of painted sheet steel and can be concealed into the ceiling. The product is made of die-cast aluminium.

It is very versatile and has high visual comfort and low energy consumption. It can be equipped with a number of accessories

, which enlarge the scope of its excellent performance and make it consistent over time.

Form of protection (DIN 40050)IP43 protection against: solids >1mm/spraying water
Safety classclass II (protective isolation)
Fire prevention classesF
Colorsshades of grey
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