Product description

The new evolution in the Woody projector family: Maxiwith new generation lighting sources.

This is how a range of products originally designed for residential lighting (Woody), acquires over time a range of innovative features that make it suit

able to meet the new requirements of urban lighting.

MaxiWoody is the architectural projector. By combining the various optical attachments, light sources, accessories and installation possibilities, you can enhance and underline the perfect re

ading of façades and details, to enable the viewer to perceive both horizontal and vertical architectural volumes.

The quality of the light is the result of new light sources: neutral white or coloured LED technology for light displays r

equiring impact; the innovative CDM Elite MW, for excellent efficiency and limited consumption; CDM-T for optimum chromatic output and the high-performance CPO-W, specifically designed for roadway lighting. CPO-W also allows greater distances between supp

orting poles therefore improving energy savings.

It comes in three sizes; small, medium and large, and they are all easy to install on the ground or walls. A cable supports the glass frame and accessories allowing for easier maintenance by leav

ing the technician's hands free to perform the required operations. The pointing system includes a coated steel bracket secured to the ground with a scale graduated in 10° steps, and a position lock.

A number of accessories are available: c

oloured glass, anti-glare collars, a series of new round full comfort or cut off 30° baffles, blade or grille baffle, antivandal cage, elliptical refractor, ground anchor plate and accessory retaining cable, flap.

Diameter80 mm / 110 mm
Diffuser/reflector shapecircular
Safety classclass II (protective isolation)
Fire prevention classesF

iGuzzini, Italy

Mario Cucinella