Product description

Very small and in two sizes both the Micro (124/134mm) and Mini (208/216mm) are available for ceiling, downlight or up/down wall installation.

Essential in their form and soft in their lines, MiniRoll65 and MicroiRoll65 have been designed to be

easily integrated into a variety of outdoor contexts, from covered pedestrian areas, to small porches, from subways to residential areas. There are a number of optical attachments to allow a wide range of design solutions.

The luminaries are p

rotected against the weather and UV rays by a special, highly resistant coating and are sealed and waterproofed by internal silicon gaskets.

These luminaries can use neutral white, warm white or blue LED-based light sources to provide very high

efficiency and significant energy savings. As an alternative to LED versions a new generation of halogen light sources, such as Decostar 51 IRC by Osram and Masterline Es by Philip's are available providing reduced energy consumption.


provides a vertically adjustable (approx. 15°) and horizontally adjustable (180°) directional beam. The halogen version has a graduated and scorch-proof pointing system. The Micro version is fixed beam only.

There are many advantages o

ffered by these models, such as ease of installation, maintenance of the main appliance itself and the numerous accessories available. Accessories include coloured filters, diffusing lenses and elliptical beam refractors to provide a significant reduction

of operating costs and, when LED sources are used, a low environmental impact.

Length 208 mm / 216 mm
Functions rotatable
Form of protection (DIN 40050) IP65 dust-proof/protection against: water jets
Safety class class II (protective isolation)
Fire prevention classes F
Material aluminium
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iGuzzini, Italy