Presented: Light+Building 2008, Frankfurt
Stylepark-ID: 04.1193.10525
Categories: Interior lightingPendant strip lights
Product description

OFX has been devised as a suspended interior lighting system for offices and modern work places. A professional, extremely flexible fitting for those architects and lighting designers who more and more tend to position the light along the axis of building


Suitable for correct lighting of operative spaces, where human visual performance plays a crucial role, OFX presents itself with a clean, essential design: a single product body available in individual and double modules. Thanks to dark-lig

ht optics, in combined or separate versions, OFX can be installed either transversally or longitudinally with respect to the work desks, making the division of work spaces easier.

The off-centered position of the optic allows you to reduce the

height of the body and house T16 light sources for direct and indirect emission. The use of electronic multi-watt ballasts, the separate switching for direct and indirect emission and the DALI dimmable versions allow you to modulate and select the correc

t illuminance level and divide direct/indirect light according to the different uses of space. Moreover, by bringing light only when and where it is needed, considerable energy saving can be achieved.

Indirect light is produced by lamps distrib

uted along the entire length of the fitting. Reflected from the ceiling, light creates a soft, diffused lighting that ensures total visual comfort and a correct balance of shadows.

Made of aluminium, the system is installed with bases and suppl

ied with clear power supply cable and suspension cables with milli-metric adjustment system positioned on the optical assembly.

Diffuser/reflector shape rectangular
Form of protection (DIN 40050) IP20 protection against: solids > 12 mm
Safety class class I (protective earthing)
Fire prevention classes F

iGuzzini, Italy