Presented:Light + Building 2012, Frankfurt
Categories: Interior lightingLighting systemsLight track systems
Product description

Palco is a projector designed to light art works in museums.
The soft and essential shape of the aluminium single body spotlight is inspired by the brush, almost as if it were meant to paint the light: a flexible "casing" which houses technical solutio

ns from the latest technology, produces a light that reveals the essence of each work and, most importantly, does not damage the works themselves.

A wide range of sources, conventional and LED modules, high rendering (IRC>96) and low consumption, combi

ned with a wide and flexible set of internal and external accessories, which can be installed together, all contribute to a product that allows for many custom solutions and light colours in museums. Interchangeable reflectors, set of coloured filters, wa

rmtone and coldtone for the correction of the colour temperature, UV, IR, optics with various finishes and baffles, as well as anti-glare screens and directional flaps, which can be combined in up to three internal and one external accessories.


co uses special sector optics for LEDs and sophisticated and innovative "Optibeam" to optimise the flow of traditional sources.

The Palco projectors, available in four sizes in the "spot" version and three in the "flood" version, can achieve precis

e aiming to enhance the objects being lit. The flood version allows for fast and simple variation of the light distribution, making it ideal for very large surfaces and objects.

The fitting is extremely mobile, with rotations through 360° in relati

on to the vertical axis and 90° in relation to the horizontal plane. Both accesses can be locked mechanically. Light emission angle and accessories can be locked and installed using a tool free process in order to guarantee ease of installation and mainte

Track and ceiling applications are achievable via mains voltage 3 circuit track and accessory ceiling bases.

The technical specifications of the fittings comply with EN60598-1.


LED, HIT - G12

Stand/ mountingwith pendant hanging
Diffuser/reflector shapecylindrical
Inspection seal /certificationENEC
Form of protection (DIN 40050)IP40 protection against: solids >1mm
Safety classclass I (protective earthing)
Fire prevention classesF
Colorsshades of grey

iGuzzini, Italy

artec3 Studio