ipasol neutral 60/33, 70/39

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Product description

Modern glass architecture places the highest demands on the materials, in terms of aesthetics as well as technology. With ipasol, architects and planners can realize their buildings using forward-looking energetic concepts without having to abandon transparency and a captivating visual appearance. Through ipasol façade glazing, plenty of daylight enters the room. At the same time, the extremely low total solar energy transmittance (g-value) ensures energy savings in the operation of air conditioning devices.

The unique quality of the ipasol glazing is achieved by means of a special, highly selective precious metal coating. It is applied to the outer pane on the side facing the space between the panes and is thus protected from environmental factors and mechanical damage.

All Pictures: CINETIC, Porte des Lilas á Paris, Frankreich
Architect: Valode et Pistre Architectes, Paris

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