Bath handle Noble Purism Ambiente

Bath handle Noble Purism Ambiente
Product description

The new Kaldewei bath handles were designed by the prestigious Phoenix Design office, which recently received the German Design Award 2012.

The four new handles are made of premium-quality, solid metal shaped to harmonise with the diverse design ba

ths available from Kaldewei. Discreet Opulence Avantgarde as an oval shaped model, for instance, was matched in style to the organic form of Kaldewei baths such as Ellipso Duo or Centro Duo. The purist elegance of the Noble Purism Avantgarde model, on the

other hand, looks the part with modern bath designs such as Kaldewei’s new Asymmetric Duo. The Discreet Opulence Ambiente handle features a softly rounded metal design, whereas Noble Purism Ambiente comes in a honeycomb style. Both models are devised for

baths with clear stylistic features such as Kaldewei’s Classic Duo or Puro.


Kaldewei, Germany

Phoenix Design