Presented:ISH 2019, Frankfurt
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Product description

The new Kaldewei Nexsys is a revolutionary concept that combines the advantages of a seamless enamelled shower surface with the spaciousness of a tiled shower area in a single system. Nexsys not only offers flexibility and beautiful design in the bathroom; as a system solution it is also the guarantee of simple, fast and safe installation whereby the shower surface is harmoniously integrated into the bathroom and a discreet waste outlet in channel drain look allows the Nexsys to seemingly merge with the bathroom floor.  

Flexible installation with wide range of sizes

Born out of the vision of an absolutely simple shower system, the Nexsys from Kaldewei is a striking innovation in the world of floor-level showers. At the heart of the concept is a pre-assembled installation unit consisting of the enamelled shower surface, a waste outlet channel, a shower board and the matching sealing system. The Nexsys shower surface is completely flat, without interior contour or chamfering. This allows it to adapt perfectly to the bathroom tile grid – working essentially like a large, seamless enamelled tile itself with an integrated waste outlet. This great flexibility is also evident in the range of sizes: Nexsys will be available in around 200 different dimensions.

The minimalist design of the shower is enhanced by the discreet waste channel with high-end designer cover, either in polished or brushed stainless steel or in the same colour as the shower surface. Nexsys not only has a premium look but is also made of superior steel enamel so it will stay as beautiful as the day it was installed for decades.

Kaldewei, Germany

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