Kanera 1 H

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Product description

The new Kanera 1 H will make certain even your guests can experience the poetry of water now. The Kanera 1 H turns your short brakes in our often hectic and taxing everyday life into a source of regeneration and contemplation. By its sensual, organic and

flowing shape it spontaneously initiates positive associations, awakens
desires and endows a sense of wellbeing and protection. Thus in the course of the day optimum transformation is won - from one occurrence to the other.

The choice of

the natural material enamelled steel supports and intensifies this inspiration. The exclusive enamelled steel is exceptionally easy to care for, stable
and extremely durable. Indeed, your Kanera product retains its gleam and shining colour for almos

t its entire service life. It goes without saying that an excellent functionality is a substantial part of the outstanding Kanera quality standard.

Width 550 mm
Depth 350 mm
Weight 500 kg
Material steel enamel
Colors white
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Kanera, Germany