Product description

The grillkitchen – exclusively designed for Kaufmann by Sebastian Herkner

The gas hob is constructed of stainless steel. The hob’s hood makes it suitable for outdoor use.

The large smeg barbecue gas grill is made of stainless steel and can alternatively be ordered with a flat hood.

The back wall, constructed of untreated larch wood, adds privacy while still allowing vistas of the horizon or the ocean.

The deep industrial sink is available in ceramic or stainless steel.

The fitting is suitable for outdoor use.

The striking back walls, made of larch wood, pick up the aesthetics of a picket fence and also ensure that the kitchen looks pleasing from behind.

The frames and perforated metal plates are made of umber-grey powder-coated stainless steel.

With open or closed wooden boxes which can be carried into the house.

The smeg barbecue gas grill is available with a flat design or large barbecue hood.


Kaufmann Keramik, Germany

Sebastian Herkner

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