Product description

Modular. Robust. Functional. Modular, because the kitchen can transform from small to large, depending on your desire. Robust; because it is built with heavy, weatherproof, concrete components which are held together with coated stainless steel built to last a lifetime. Functional; because the single elements of the Grillkitchen can include all imaginable kitchen appliances in a modular way. Furthermore, a range of processing characteristics particularly for outdoor kitchens are possible. Together these factors convey a premium quality product.

The fire basket, which is located at the back of the barbecue, makes all the difference. Wood is slowly burned off until the embers drop down into the grill. In turn, this creates a triple-effect: heat, light, and embers. Embers from above deliver the heat for grilling in winter as well as a cosy light. Embers from underneath supply the fuel for the grill rack and embers from the rear supply the rotisserie. Simply genius.

To most people, barbecues seem to be reserved solely as an outdoor activity in the summertime. That no longer has to be the case. Every aspect of food preparation can be taken outside with the T-BONE at any time of the year. The T-BONE makes it possible not only to roast and cook outside but also to prepare, serve, and clean up. However, the heart of the T-BONE remains, as the name implies, to barbecue. With its superior configuration and arrangement the T-BONE allows the user to take their outdoor, culinary skills to the next level.


Kaufmann Keramik, Germany

Miro Pistek