Seaside Shelter

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Product description

Kebony, the Cleantech 100 company behind the award-winning sustainable substitute for tropical hardwood and preservative treated timber, is delighted to unveil their latest UK project – the Bexhill beach shelters.

The creative force behind the proj

ect, Millimetre, chose Kebony wood for this innovative seaside project in light of its excellent quality, durability, versatility, aesthetic beauty and exemplary green credentials. The product of a pioneering Norwegian company, Kebony is designed to withs

tand severe weathering, wear and decay, making it the perfect choice to provide shelter from the elements, whether its blissful sunshine or blowing gales!

Commissioned by Rother District Council, these four seafront shelters are a striking architec

tural addition to the Sussex coastline. Their steel frames ensure durability, whilst the Kebony Scots Pine cladding and Kebony Southern Yellow Pine bench furniture compliment the natural beauty of Bexhill, evolving over time with their surroundings to acq

uire a beautiful silver grey patina.

Rigorously tested in harsh Norwegian climates for its stability - where is has been installed in numerous coastal summerhouses and mountain builds - Kebony demonstrates comparable, and often superior, properties

to tropical hardwood. Through an environmentally-friendly process of ‘Kebonization’ the wood is impregnated with a patented mixture based on furfuryl alcohol, a liquid produced from agricultural crop waste, which then reacts with the wood fibres and perm

anently strengthens the wood.

All pictures: Seaside Shelter, Bexhill - Sussex, United Kingdom

Colorsshades of brown

Kebony, Norway