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Today’s workplaces are becoming more and more exible. Open areas for interactivity and fast, creative meetings combined with quiet spaces for seclusion. Soft seating offers relaxed breaks – many types of meetings sharing one and the same area. New technologies allow architects to say goodbye to the traditional meeting room. As with the earlier Area, Area Radius is available with either a high or low back. In addition, the modules are available with an open or closed curve, which allows further possibilities for completely adapting the product to suit each unique room. Four modules with an open curve form a circle. All modules are linked together through hidden magnets. Area Radius is fully compatible with Area. Straight and curved modules, open and closed, high and low backs, stools – all integrate with one another and form a homogeneous design, whatever the variant. But that’s not all. Since the magnets in the modules are non-directional, you can also reverse the modules as required. The magnets withdraw into the modules when not linked, which prevents problems with magnetic elds in contact with mobile phones. The style of Area Radius is, like its predecessor Area, timeless and graphic. The diagonal lines that occur in both the shape and the upholstery give the furniture a graphically playful look. An extended, visible sled base forms an attractive and characteristic shape when the units are linked together.

Area is Lammhults’ and Anya Sebton’s successful modular range from 2009 with a number of variants that can be linked together to form totally unique constellations based on customer requirements. Area is available with a high back, a low back, as a bench and as a small table. All modules link together using a totally unique, patented magnetic linking system that makes possible creative solutions for all environments.

Width870 - 1030 mm
Height1330 mm
Depth690 mm
Weight1590 kg
Seat finishwith upholstery
Height of seat450 mm
Base finishwith rockers
Backrest finishwith backrest
Armrest finishwithout armrests
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Lammhults, Sweden

Anya Sebton

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