Product description

ATTACH is a table system offering almost limitless possibilities in terms of size, shape and design.
The ATTACH table consists of a frame and legs of recycled aluminium. Table tops of almost any format can be matched with this simple structure. The most common table formats, such as rectangle, square and circle, can also be supplied in exact sizes to suit customer requirements. To the centimetre. Combined with a wide selection of table top materials and a choice of colours for the legs, Lammhults is offering a mass-produced yet unique table that can be freely adapted to the specific room and environment.

The collaboration with Lammhults has also resulted in the simplest ever leg attachment solution in Troels Grum-Schwensen’s many years of research into furniture innovations. The legs attached under the table frame do not need to be screwed, threaded or twisted into position. You merely attach them to the frame in one simple step and then the leg locks itself into place with the aid of gravity when weight is put on the table. Hence the name ATTACH. Thanks to the simplicity of the attachment method for the table legs, the user can decide on the position of the legs themselves, taking into account the position and width of chairs and other factors. There’s no need for the table legs to be in the way of those seated at the table! Accordingly, the ATTACH design is also suf ciently strong to cope with long table tops supported by just a few legs – on rectangular tables there can be up to 3 metres between table legs, while larger round tables require only 3 legs. This gives ATTACH a very airy look, which is further emphasised by the distinct, transparent con guration of the legs – just as important as the actual material for the overall look of the table.

ATTACH table tops are available as standard in 22 mm wooden board with high pressure laminate, ash veneer or linoleum. Standard sizes for the table tops are: Round tables from a diameter of 120 to 200 cm, square from 120x120 to 200x200 cm, rectangular from 90x210 to 600x200 cm. The table frame and legs for ATTACH are made from recycled aluminium, 90 % and 99 % respectively. Orange or black adjustable foot as standard. Other shapes, sizes and surface nishes on request.

Table finishfour-legged table
Table top shapecircular
shades of grey
shades of brown

Lammhults, Sweden

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