Funk bar table round

Funk bar table round
Product description

Lammhults brings a new level of innovation to the office with its new table series called, simply, Funk. Function, simplicity and clarity mark this new collection, as Funk addresses the needs of the total office of the 21st century.

Office work has

evolved as workers meet and exchange ideas in an increasing number of settings within the office. The workspace now can be a meeting room,
a large open office, a lounge or even the company café. Funk meets with workers everywhere in the office - over

coffee at a low table, at lunch on a dining table, at work on their laptop computer on a work table, or in a presentation at a conference room table.

Funk is a set of strong, simple bases - a two-legged Shaker base and a four-legged Star base - in

two sizes, small and large, and three heights. The bases are robust steel construction with an innovative 5 mm layer of color-through, self-skinned polyurethane. Tops - round, square and rectangle - are either painted MDF or plastic laminate, but are als

o available in stained ash veneer.

Funk stands out from the competition because of its dramatic simplicity and bold, clear expression. Funk tables are available in off-white or dark charcoal - bases matching tops. As Johannes points out: "The stro

ng simplicity of the tables allows the user to combine it with many forms, many materials and many colors in their interior design." Funk is a planner's dream - a simple, clear graphic element that mixes well with any surrounding.

Funk: a great fle

xible collection, with a strong visual identity for the office landscape, available for any application in the modern work place.

Table finishlegged radial
Table top shapecircular
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Lammhults, Sweden

Johannes Foersom

Peter Hiort-Lorenzen

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