Mini bar stool

Product description

The original Millibar development proposal put forward by Anya Sebton in 1998 included a wide range of seating designs, from the first barstools that gave the line its name, to lounge and stack chairs that were introduced in 2007. Lammhults has expanded the Millibar family in 2008 with a new pair of stools called Mini. Smaller and lighter than the first barstool, Mini serves a mobile population pausing for quick lunch, coffee or meeting. Easy to move and easy to manage, Mini derives its name from its simplicity of expression: a minimalist functional design solution. Mini barstool takes its inspiration from the molded shell concept developed for the Millibar chairs. A light, one-piece molded needle-punch felt seat with bonded surface fabric is attached to a stylish, thin-diameter steel rod sled base. The angles in the base and in the footrest result in a beautiful pattern between the units placed next to each other. The molded-in grid pattern on the seat surface maintains the Millibar graphic identity first seen in the Millibar mesh of the first stools. Millibar is now a well-rounded group of seating products, furnishing restaurant, corporate, hotel interiors as well as residential use. Mini is also perfectly suited for use with the Millibar Bar Table, part of the existing Millibar product family. Mini barstool is available in two heights, for counter or bar, and a range of frame finishes.

Width475 mm / 500 mm
Height650 mm / 780 mm
Depth425 mm / 455 mm
Weight510 kg / 560 kg
Seat finishwithout upholstery
Base finishwith rockers
Backrest finishwithout backrest
Armrest finishwithout armrests

Lammhults, Sweden

Anya Sebton