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Product description

Tiles explores the use of traditional glazed tiles on furniture items. Coffee tables and oversized lamps (Table Lamp and Standard Lamp) are clad in various formations giving the impression of an upper surface of a tiled wall or column.

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es in this range use genuine traditional twice-fired tiles made the same way as years gone by. The moulds have been hand carved and monogrammed for authenticity and produced by the same factories that produce tiles for the London Underground. Broom explai

ns, "I was very much inspired by London and the iconic design of the Underground for the tile pieces, it's like having a little piece of history in your home".

Width860 mm
Height270 mm
Depth860 mm
Table finishtable with column base
Table top shapesquare
Colorsshades of blue
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Lee Broom, United Kingdom

Lee Broom

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