T030 System

Product description

Sideboards, bookcases, suspended wall-units… this is T030 by Piero Lissoni. The system par excellence, in its narrowest sense: a set of modules of different sizes, different colours, full and empty plots assembled into classical compositions, contemporary, linear, asymmetric. T030 is the ability to decorate according to your imagination and the most personal needs of each house and individual environments. The containers are equipped, according to customer choice, with hinged, flap doors or drawers. The panels hung to the wall feature a hollow interior to allow ducting TV cables and multimedia equipment. T030 offers a wide range of sideboards able to answer both to aesthetic and functional need, suitable for every areas of the home. Box is a version of T030, a series of fixed ground and suspended compositions, built by using the system’s modules characterized by combinations, finishes, originality and elegance, typical of a limited version. Studied to facilitate the design and logistic phases, favor installation and contain costs, they distinguish for the extremely elegance and the high graphic impact versatility.All elements are available in matt lacquer, gloss lacquer, Dark Oak, Tobacco Oak and in the smooth Clay finishes.

Length1800 mm / 2400 mm / 3000 mm
Depth350 mm / 450 mm / 600 mm
shades of brown

Lema, Italy

Piero Lissoni

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