Ear Sofa

Product description

The Ear Sofa is a geometrical study in modular seating designed to address the formal issues that arise when modules are grouped. The fold creates angled faces - the 'Ears' of the sofa - designed to not only express the idea of the joint, but to resolve t

he contradiction that arises when an ergonomically-angled back meets a conventionally-orthogonal side view. The result is a subtle sense of envelopment and a back with as much personality as its front, an uncommon feature in sofa design. Finally, with a s

harp yet discreet presence, the crisp lines of the Ear Sofa are softened by rich Camira upholstery, giving the line a unique identity.

Width708 mm / 354 mm / 32 mm
Height26 mm
Depth of seat32 mm
Colorsshades of grey
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Lerival, United States

St Ely