Bulb Fiction

Categories: Interior lightingPendant lights
Product description

The iconic incandescent bulb – the very symbol of Edison’s bright idea – has been the source of inspiration for KiBiSi’s new pendant. KiBiSi characterizes Bulb Fiction as a tribute to both the incandescent bulb, and with references to the easily recogniza

ble archetype of the movie universe.

Bulb Fiction is close to the original, but the classic shape has been upscaled and designed as a whole unit, uniting socket and bulb into one iconic shape. The same applies to the cord, which has been given extr

a volume using a thick white silicone cover. Bulb Fiction consists of a hand blown acid treated opal glass shade and an aluminium suspension with a soft, organic shape. The fixture creates the allusion of a classic incandescent bulb, hides the low energy

light source and ensures a comfortable, soft light.

Bulb Fiction can be used in many situations in private homes, shops or offices. It works beautifully as a single lamp, but it also looks fantastic when hung in a cluster, in a straight line or in

staggered formations. The lamp makes it possible to play with the design by means of tying knots in the cord or by gathering several lamps together to form a modern chandelier.

Height210 mm
Diameter126 mm
Emission classA++ - D
Stand/ mountingwith pendant hanging
Diffuser/reflector shapecircular

Lightyears, Denmark