Calabash P3

Presented:Stockholm Furniture Fair 2011, Stockholm
Categories: Interior lightingPendant lights
Product description

In their work to create the first series of lights for Lightyears, the Komplot designers were inspired by the greatest creator and source of inspiration in the world: Mother Nature. The “Shapes of Nature” universe underpins this fascination and inspiratio


The design

The harmonious and simple form of the Calabash pendant is (naturally) inspired by the Calabash pumpkin, which originally stems from the tropics and has been used in households – as bowls, water containers, musical instruments,

etc. – for centuries. The inspiration for the finish on the Calabash model came from Anish Kapoor’s formidable “Cloud gate” sculpture, which has been fascinating visitors to the Millennium Park in Chicago since 2004. The spectacular polished surfaces ref

lect the light’s surroundings and involve the observer in the design itself.

The concept

Calabash is authentic craftsmanship from the core to the surface. The organic design idiom and the special chromed and slightly changeable surface provi

de Calabash with a unique expression. The three pendant sizes – dia. 158, 224 and 340 – present the same easily recognisable shape, although without being identical. The shades are made of drawn aluminium and finished with a chromed layer that reflects th

e surroundings and unites the space. The Calabash model that is fitted with a reflector to increase the down light emits warm, dazzle-free illumination. The black, closely woven textile cord creates a neat contrast to the lively chromed surface, which is

available in black, silver, gold and red. The Calabash pendant generates a warm atmosphere and looks excellent in small groups. The pendants are ideal for café environments, restaurants, shops, etc. and in private homes whose owners wish to make a specta

cular and rewarding contribution to their interior design.

Stand/ mountingwith pendant hanging
Height head of lamp484 mm
Diameter head of lamp340 mm
gold / brass
shades of red
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