Volume LED

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Product description

Inspired by the buttons on an original stereo amplifier from the 1980s, GamFratesi has created the Volume table lamp. Allow yourself to be fascinated by a seemingly forgotten, but significant gesture, where one via a mechanical rotation of a button gains

an intuitive understanding of the function – to increase or decrease the volume. With Volume, you will rediscover this direct, responsive feeling. The lampshade is about the size of a palm and thus invites one to move it around and use the lamp in an inf

ormal way. One increases or decreases the intensity of the light quite easily – by a simple rotation of the hand on the shade.

The small LED table lamp is made of die-cast aluminium and acrylic. Equipped with three Osram 1W LEDs, the lamp emits a p

leasant light 360 degrees around and out through the opening at the top of the lamp. The LEDs burn for 50,000 hours on average, without any maintenance being required.

The lamp is available in three different colours: blue-black, a petroleum colour

ed model, and one in light grey. The colour schemes are, like the lamps, named with inspiration from the musical universe: Blackbird, Evergreen and Fade-to-Grey.

The lamp is suitable for a side table, bookshelves, bedside table, desk or any work su


Height210 mm
Diameter146 mm
Emission classA++ - A
Stand/ mountingwith pendant hanging
acrylic (PMMA)
shades of grey

Lightyears, Denmark

Enrico Fratesi

Stine Gam