Gea A

Product description

GEA is a family of lights made up of suspension, GEA and SUPER GEA; floor, GEA and COSMOS; and wall lamps, G and SEMIG, in the shape of a half moon. Its hand made shade is made of exclusively selected natural veneer, which after treating permits for easy

cleaning. Because of its shape it is easily applicable to many different spaces. Switched off it presents a simple linear esthetical while, illuminated, the lamp creates a unique and delicate atmosphere.

Stand/ mountingfixed mounting
Diffuser/reflector shapecylindrical
Depth100 mm
Diameter200 mm / 300 mm / 420 mm
Materialwood (unspecified)
shades of brown
shades of red
shades of orange
shades of grey
shades of yellow
shades of green
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LZF Lamps, Spain

Marivi Calvo