Mini Mikado P

Stylepark-ID: 04.7655.00044
Categories: Interior lightingStanding lamps
Product description

Two stamped wooden veneer sheets, mounted to a pattern which lends them torsion and dynamism, make up the shade of the Mikado lamp. The stamped wooden strips design in the air a shape charged with sensuality, as well as adding an overall lightness to the

piece and creating interesting plays of light and shadow. The strips give the shade a volumetric richness that changes according to the viewing angle. Designed by Miguel Herranz in 2005 this family of lamps won the Design Plus prize in the 2006 edition o

f "Light and Building" in Frankfurt.

Stand/ mounting with footplate
Height head of lamp 570 mm
Diameter head of lamp 700 mm
Height 1600 mm
Material wood (unspecified)
Colors white
shades of orange
shades of yellow
shades of green
shades of grey
shades of brown
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