Románica S

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Categories: Interior lightingPendant lights
Product description

The collection, presented in 1995, illustrates the origin of Luzifer Lamps; a collection of lamps made exclusively with wood diffusers. The combination of light, and wood veneers have always been the main objective of LUZIFER's investigation. The ROMANICA

collection still maintains our initial form of manufacturing, which means that its hand made shade has been crafted impeccably each step of the way. This is the only collection that maintains the traditional form of Luzifer Lamps manufacturing, one that

guarantees an impeccable passage through a hand made manufacturing process, obtaining a finish with the same quality of a custom made piece of furniture.

Stand/ mounting with pendant hanging
Height head of lamp 300 mm / 400 mm / 500 mm / 1200 mm
Diameter head of lamp 160 mm / 190 mm
Material wood (unspecified)
Colors shades of orange
shades of brown
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