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The company was founded in July 2001 of Mr. Claus Templin and Mr. Ingo Saake as a kind of Spin-Off enterprise from the university of applied sciences Bremen and the Fraunhofer-Institut Bremen (IFAM). 2002 the business idea was distinguished at the Start-U

p establishment competition in the country Bremen with the 1. place. At the first November 2005, AlCarbon opened his US-Office at the Innovation Laboratory of the East Tennessee State University (ETSU).

The company philosophy of the AlCarbon Techn

ologies GmbH is to lead metal-foams, especially the aluminum-foams, from the research laboratories - as for example from Fraunhofer-Institut Bremen IFAM - by combination with GRP component-plastics into new products to the marketability.

With the d

evelopment in close co-operation with the customer their commercial philosophy is protected in an existing product or a new product is supplemented with a clearly different philosophy, which gives the opportunity for the customer to take a superior positi

on on the market.

Partner companies: Within the range of the product development and the associated manufacturing technique the ATG co-operates closely with further companies from aluminum-foam range. These are
- Fraunhofer-Institut Bremen, IFAM

(Research in the range of metal-foams,manufacturing techniques)
- University of applied sciences Bremen (lab tests, test, computer simulations)
- Karmann GmbH - automotive manufacturer(FEM-calculations, deformation techniques, QM) Our products:

>- pure aluminum-foams (FOAMINAL®-AC, ALPORAS®-AC, APM®-Pearls,EMPORE®-AC) as profiles, plates and shaped parts.
- Aluminum-foam GRP component-plastic hybrids (ALCARBON®-Productrange)as profiles, pipes, sandwiches and shaped parts.
- Hybrid-Sandwich

-Plates (ALCARBON®-2D and 2K-Sandwiches).
- pure GRP components (tuning parts). Accessorial services:
- Construction services, simulations, material- and construction-unit examinations (R&D) (CATIA V5, FEM-calculations.
- Consultation in the ran

ge of the metal-foams, cost-calculation.
- Samples and building of prototypes up to small batch manufacturing (as of 2006 High volume).
- Product development (own ALCARBON® -Products, at customer order or even in cooperation with customers – for exa

mple: gemaArmstrong Metal-foam Ceilings "inspired by AlCarbon®".