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Andreu World has grown and evolved convinced that our philosophy, attention to detail, excellence and good design, is the fundamental guide to continue being who we are now and in the future. 

At the core of Andreu Wood is wood, there is no other material as unique, warm and noble. Woodworking is a philosophy unto itself, it is a way of relating to the world. Over time we have sought to maintain these qualities in all of our designs, regardless of the materials and technology employed. Wood, in our work, is synonymous with the woodworker, we have retained the same expert hands that have learned their craft over years of experience. 

To explain what are we and how we carry ourselves, we continue to believe in the principles and values that have brought us to where we are today... 

A philosophy of life 

Over nearly 60 years we have evolved in tune with the times, offering the practical solutions and aesthetic that people around the world demand. We have achieved this thanks to a flexible but consistent philosophy. Flexible with regard to the needs of users in that we are constantly seeking to improve our work, and consistent to our values and respecting the tradition of the craftsmanship in equilibrium with the latest technology. Maintaining quality in the details is the ultimate goal. 

The value of time

We are a family business and therefore we maintain a very special relationship with time. We are aware of the tradition we have built and thanks to that tradition we have a unique perspective of our work. So we think in the long term and are faithful to the idea that to build the future we need to keep the past alive. 

The search for excellence 

Each design examines all of its possibilities, constantly pushing us to improve comfort, finish and function. It is this active process with each of our products that allows for the intelligent use of our resources. 

The key is the details 

Precision and quality are one and the same, accordingly we refine to the maximum all and every one of the processes, from the origin of the materials to the production system and manufacturing of each piece. We minimize errors through systematic quality control and offer a 5 year warranty for all of our products against defects in workmanship and materials. 

The wood used in our products comes from our forests, of which are cultivated in accordance to quality protocols including planting, harvesting, drying – the wood is dried for more than a year after the harvest to prevent the wood from cracking in the future - and all phases of handling. This process has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) and guarantees that the wood originates from reforested and controlled forests. 

The expression of the search 

We like working with designers. It’s a way to communicate our values through the unique perspective of each collaborator. If one thing defines our evolution, it’s our commitment to design. This commitment has translated to numerous national and international awards including the 2007 National Design Prize, the most prestigious honor is Spain for design centric companies. 

Technology and design 

Research, technology, innovation and design are the basic pillars of our industrial culture. Our products are the result of the clear commitment to innovation and application of I+D+i at all stages of manufacturing, which has resulted in the creation of innovative and resistant materials such as Ecolignus® wood and versatile collections that serve both indoors and outdoors environments. 

Working on the basis of creativity, versatility, ergonomics and comfort, we develop new products that anticipate trends in contemporary furniture design.

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