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Annemette Beck

Design Studio

Lindehusvej 5
5750 Ringe

T: +45 6264 1564

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The Danish textile designer and weaver Annemette Beck works from the basic principles of weaving and experments with new combinations of structrues and materials.

Her works covers designs for rugs, runners, room dividers, blinds, panels, wall hangi

ngs and upholstery fabrics.

Annemette Beck undertakes bespoke textile projects, subject to quotation - handmade or factory woven.

Materials are paper yarn - rubber - metal threads as silver, copper, brass or stainless steel - lurex - crystal

s - coated polyester - recycled bicycle tubes - plant fibres - wool - linen and more.

"The philosophy behind my work is to simplify the design - to remove what is unnecessary so what only is essential remains - to make a clean, clear and sharp des

ign by the way of carefully controlled fantasy", Annemette Beck