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Aqua Creations Design Studio was founded in 1994 by the married couple, photographer Albi Serfaty and designer Ayala Serfaty, as a vehicle to develop, produce and experiment with furnishing and lighting elements through an artistic approach. Over the years, Aqua Creations has continued to expand its scope, while maintaining its authenticity, glamour, and poetic appeal. From the beginning until today, Aqua Creations' works are based on sensuality, form, color, and rhythm.

Today Aqua Creations boasts an extensive catalogue of furnishing and lighting lines, a design department specializing under the supervision of Ayala Serfaty in the production of limited edition items and a flourishing activity in the business supplies market. Special and personalized products are in fact created for important design projects such as hotels, restaurants and casinos all over the world.

Aqua Creations is headquartered in Tel Aviv where all the creative work, design research, and manufacturing are completed. In response to the growing demand for the designs, Aqua Creations has two additional flagship showrooms in New York and Shanghai, and the sought-after designs are displayed and distributed worldwide. Aqua Creations has gained international recognition thanks to its many lighting engineering creations for hotels, restaurants and public spaces all over the world.

The catalogue collections, capable of strongly characterising environments with a dream-like tone, are added to the amazing tailor-made projects, developed with the great masters of contemporary architecture, to decorate and characterise environments to be used by the community confidently with strong aesthetic research.

Despite the growth in the manufacturing and distribution process, the hand-made imprimatur still remains and all designs are rendered in the signature visual language, authenticity, and poetic appeal. Aqua Creations' skilled artisans continue to work on each piece individually, thus ensuring they remain works of art as well as products of design.

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