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ATTIKA FEUER AG is a Swiss company with 30 years of wide-ranging experience and involvement with the element of fire. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of wood stoves, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, fireplace inserts and gas fires, the a t t i k a brand has been responsible for helping to shape trends in the fireplace market.

a t t i k a stoves and fireplaces bear the hallmarks of their designers, Stefan Stauffacher and Erwin Hauenstein. Their passion is the perfect combination of design, materials, functionality and innovative technology. Form and technology already become intricately intertwined in the design phase. The result is a contemporary fireplace collection with clean lines and high-quality workmanship that has garnered international success by virtue of various design awards. Cosiness that is as natural and eco-friendly as possible is always the foremost objective.

When it comes to the outdoors, a t t i k a continues to be a trendsetter. Clean lines allied with out-of-the-ordinary materials serve to showcase the element of fire in the garden, as well as on the terrace.

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