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Morten Engelbrecht founded Engelbrechts Furniture in 1989.

Engelbrechts works in a close collaboration with Erik Magnussen, Jørgen Rasmussen, Vilhelm Lauritzen Acrhitects, Kasper Salto and Furnid. This collaboration has resulted in two office furniture lines called Tablo and Beam by Vilehlm Lauritzen Architects and a stackable chair collection called Chairik and Magnum by Erik Magnussen who also has designed Zdown chair and Xsit stool, as well as the Foldit and Click table. Kasper Salto has designed Kato sofa dn lounge chair. The collaboration with Furnid has resulted in a chair which is being developed now and presented later.

Working with such skilled and talented designers has resulted in a furniture line that lives up to Engelbrechts basic idea, which is to cultivate a pure line in concept and design. To choose some of the best materials combine the best of both craft and industry and hold firmly onto finish and functional requirements have resulted in quit a success for Engelbrechts.

It is our belief that our products are being best represented by exclusivity i.e. few but good dealers. Therefor Engelbrecht products are being sold from carefully selected dealers who have the same concept about design and quality as we do.

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