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100 years of Danish design.

Eva Solo creates exclusive, Danish-designed furnishing accessories and kitchenware characterised by aesthetic appeal, functionality and high quality. Tools which are a pleasure to look at, use and own. The history of the company dates as far back as 1913, but the Eva brand had its major breakthrough in 1952 with a bread and meat slicing machine that went on to become a design classic. The first of many. Today, the products of Eva Solo are divided into several collections which are marketed worldwide. But the essence is still the same: aesthetics, functionality and quality.

Eva Solo Collection

Eva Solo imparts exclusive Danish design to everyday objects in the home. Simplicity, distinct lines and a high degree of functionality characterise the products in the collection. The series is divided into the following categories: cooking, serving, living, bath and outdoor. All in all, an extensive selection of tools and utensils so you can surround yourself with outstanding design throughout your home.

Eva Trio Collection

Eva Trio comprises high-quality cookware and kitchen utensils. The design of the products is simple and elegant. The pots almost have the status of design classics – but don't be deceived. These products are designed for using. Day in, day out. They represent professional quality for the home. The series consists of cookware, kitchen utensils, porcelain and glass.

Eva Solo XO Collection

The XO COLLECTION is a series of kitchenware that combines durable quality with a distinctive, stylish design to match even the most beautiful of kitchens. XO is for people who believe that good taste is experienced with your eyes as well as your taste buds. The series includes pots, pans, kitchen utensils and accessories.