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FORMvorRAT is the result of many creative ideas for new furniture collections. Furniture by ­FORMvorRAT joins simplicity with originality, balances form and function and transforms innovation into everyday usability. FORMvorRAT products always offer one or more additional benefits. They are consistently designed and available in a variety of material and colour combinations.

FORMvorRAT furniture does not only follow trends, but convinces with its long-term quality and stable value. FORMvorRAT furniture corresponds to a responsible cost-performance ratio, it is basic and simple, distinctive, without exorbitant design. FORMvorRAT is one of today’s leading producers of high quality tables, bistro and work tables, as well as furnishing accessories and chairs.

FORMvorRAT products and components are manufactured by selected suppliers in Italy and Germany and are subject to a strict quality control. With our products we focus on the typical virtues of German workmanship and connect these with our individual design concepts, our long-time experience in product development, the most recent materials, and with our high quality standard.

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