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Fifty years ago the founding father of the now Hightex company pioneered the formula, processing and application standards for high performance architectural membranes. At that time the main raw material was PVC. However, in the seventies fluoropolymers such as Teflon, Hostaflon, PTFE and ETFE etc were introduced to the architectural market.

Todays Hightex team has built on those past decades of research and through hundreds of membrane structures all over the world- small, large, simple, complex, temporary and permanent. Modern technologies enable our specialists to create new generations of advanced membrane materials with new options such as integrated natural energy systems to produce lightweight and efficient intelligent building envelopes.

Hightex is one of the foremost international companies in the field of tensile fabric engineering, still a young and vibrant industry. Exploiting modern fabric technology and associated structural engineering techniques, we are at the cutting edge, designing and creating tensile membrane structures with stunning architectural elegance and impact. Fabric engineering is an unrivalled solution for construction.The Hightex Team continues to be a technology leader working hand in hand with clients, architects and engineers to create breathtaking membrane architecture - elegant, energy efficient, long lasting, clean and economical structures.