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L&Z develops simple and straightforward products for contemporary working and living. People work at their kitchen tables and eat at their desks. Things are becoming smaller, more user friendly and faster, we ourselves are becoming more flexible and spontaneous. The habits of daily life are in a process of radical change, traditional behaviour patterns are being replaced by new ones. Perception and thinking adjust to this. New working conditions and communication patterns shift the requirements for products whose traditional use always seemed to be self-evident. How can a table, shelf or book remain credible? Which new needs can be met?

The goal of L&Z is to develop products, which address and respond to this process in an intelligent way. Sustainable and ergonomic, our high quality designs are efficiently produced whilst retaining beauty in their design. Products that are dedicated to the classical modern principles of functionality and high value, but are contrasted by a hint of irrationality. Practical and reasonably priced items, embellished in their final stage of development by a characteristic, emotional note, which strengthens their bond to people. Objects that find mere function, as well as pure decoration unsatisfying.

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