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Natural quality

mafi offers top-end wide plank flooring that highlights the wood's natural radiance and gives rooms a sense of harmony and relaxed elegance. Designed to emphasize stylish but comfortable living styles, mafi's flooring are finished with natural oil and lacquer-free.

mafi's offering

mafi has declared the continuous development of new trendsetting products to one of its most important goals. The product range includes besides the traditional European woods also a variety of especially treated woods like e.g. the Vulcano Edition which poses an excellent alternative to the use of dark tropic woods. The name Vulcano represents the warm, darker, almost black color shades in the mafi woods, that is created by heat treatment only (no chemicals such as ammoniac which damages the ozone).

A very popular, extraordinary product of mafi is "Tiger Oak" - when the wood is dried, random ‘crack patterns' appear in the wood, which are later filled in special fillers in different colors.

mafi Fresco is ideal for Wellness as well as all residential areas where one takes of shoes to walk on. Unusual designs are milled into the surface of the woods using the most modern technology, to create „Fresco DUNA", „Fresco PUNTO", "Fresco ROMBO". Just walking barefoot over these surfaces is a pleasure, adding in welcome massage effects. Installations have also included wall and ceiling surface decorations.

Facts and figures

For 17 years now, mafi in Schneegattern, Upper Austria, has enjoyed a national and international reputation reaching as far as the highest leagues of lifestyle architecture, for the manufacture of fine, high-quality natural wood floors.
The wood-processing company was founded almost 80 years ago by the Fillafer family when work started at the company's own sawmill. In 1992 Fritz Fillafer began to specialize in the production of oiled country-style floors. Today mafi employs over 70 people at a plant covering around 5,000 m² located on the edge of the Kobernaußer Forest. With a production volume of 400,000 m² country-style planks per year, the reputed wood-processing company today rates amongst the best established and innovative family business on the Austrian natural wood floor sector.

Harmony, Nature & Lifestyle

"Nature shows us unique variations in design every day": at mafi this has been made business to develop natural products in the same unique and artistic way.
This priority is illustrated by mafi's business principle "In harmony with nature" that is translate in a lacquer free production and in purely natural floor treatment using renewable raw materials. The result is a wood that maintains its natural appearance and its velvety warmth. In fact, mafi's vision is ‘floor like a tree': each floor is unique and exceptional as every tree is extraordinary.
mafi combines this attention to nature with art offering individual and extravagant designed floors assuring also long life, high resistance and form stability. This unique and imaginative style is pointed up by the companies motto ‛Walk on Art'.

mafi floors: hardwearing and easy to clean

Natural oiled floors by mafi require no sanding. Should they ever be soiled, thorough cleaning is sufficient followed by a new application of oil and the wood floor is restored to its natural beauty. To achieve an optimum surface mafi floors are re-oiled after installation.

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