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Atoomweg 25
1627 Le Hoorn

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MOSO International BV is a company that concentrates solely on the buying, selling and developing of innovative, environmentally friendly bamboo products.

One of the core activities is the adaptation of the Chinese production situation to the W

estern market requirements. With its versatile experience, the right assortment of bamboo products can be developed for each market section. Product innovations can be implemented quickly and efficiently through its own organisation in China.


he worldwide market developments are coordinated, and the sales offices in the United States and Europe are supported, from the headquarters in the Netherlands (Zwaag).

MOSO International BV has an important role in project consultation in The

Netherlands. Architects and contractors can seek all the advice they might need when using bamboo in their projects.

With 10 years experience it can be said that MOSO International BV is leading the way in the field of bamboo applications.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about MOSO International BV and the MOSO bamboo products. See Contact on this site.