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The tradition of the merchant's family Muehlmeier goes back into the 17th century. Listed in the family tree one finds the name of Philipp Muehlmayer, April 8, 1678 to May 5, 1757, who as a master builder constructed churches and chapels in Bavaria an

d Austria. Even today his name graces many buildings and is recalled in the names of avenues and streets throughout the country side. Another outstanding figure from the family lore is Josef Muehlmayer, November 8, 1843 to September 4, 1919, who was a suc

cessful inventor and publisher.

The cornerstone for the Muehlmeier Firm as we know it today was laid by Alwin H.J. Muehlmeier in October of 1949 with the business title: 'Dealer in Raw Materials'. This enterprise served the needs of th

e considerable button manufacturing industry located in the city of Baernau. At the time in which the buttons were still produced from natural materials such as mother of pearl and bone, Alwin Muehlmeier imported these raw materials from Eastern Europe, t

he South Seas and from Latin America.

The business contacts established at that time, especially in Eastern Europe, were the basis for a wide range of other products which were integrated into the delivery system and later expanded into specia

lty items. Individual products are manufactured in independent, professionally operated locations in order to provide the customer with expert workmanship.

In 1994 there was a basic restructuring of the firm. The products designed for the text

ile industry were channeled into a specially organized firm entitled: The Muehlmeier Enorm-Form, GmbH & Co. KG. The technical products program was set up in the firm entitled: Muehlmeier GmbH & Co. KG.