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Today the course of development is paramount. It has become the primary engine in which the spirit of our times is driven toward new insights and continuing progress. It is the elevating source of inspiration where newly posed questions produce surpris

ingly different answers. Sometimes it can even offer solutions to the questions which have not yet been exposed.

The course of development influences our behaviours, our precious environments, as well as to the nature of our 'work' and the ever-cha

nging workplaces of people around the world. PROOFF is a people's designer and supplier of practical tools. They are colourful and carefully streamlined objects which set the highest of standards in contemporary furniture design. These spatial tools al

so forecast the ever-changing needs of users while redefining the role of office and public space.

PROOFF is a designer of intimate dialogue. Their furniture designs invite all people beginning with the ingredient of a warm welcome. In fact, us

ers actively belong to the experience of PROOFF furniture - literally engaging them 'into the silence' and the comfortable feeling of PROOFF's unique design cradle. PROOFF also aims to inspire and to make more with less. From consultation furniture whe

re unconscious behaviour can naturally occur, to the simple functionality and creativity of meeting places for conditions of concentration, PROOFF furniture involves a unique process where design and skill are combined with the high-quality of Dutch c

raftsmanship - an invaluable contribution to the course of development today.

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