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roomours Kommunikationstools - a brand of Struppler GmbH

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Every idea is followed by one that is even better. Complex thoughts are in the air. They develop, evolve, and need to be discussed. And when they're ready for action, it's time for visualization. Flipcharts, blackboards and whiteboards provide ample space and set the stage for great things to emerge. First associations are distilled into words, questions, circles, arrows. Clarity and structure at last!

Harness inspiration, convey knowledge and supply information with a bold visual presentation. The ongoing quest to capture what drives and inspires us on a two dimensional surface. Tools designed to support communicative processes and encourage creative exchange can be very helpful. In the office, in the class – ideally as a team.

Maximum functionality meets minimalist design. The warmth of oiled oak contrasts with cool metal. A flipchart in black, white, grey, yellow or green? Or in any other color on request. A board with felt or blackboard coating? The office helpers from roomours are characterized by their distinctive, yet unobtrusive presence. What is their place in today's world? At the center of attention, on three legs, four legs or rollers.