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Via Serralunga 9
13900 Biella (BI)

T: +39 015 243 5711
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SERRALUNGA is a company in Biella with a tradition of more than 170 years. Born before the industrial revolution, along the way the company has changed material typology, becoming today a leader in the production of ITALIAN STYLE plastic flower pots. The company spreads out on 12000 square meters and employs 60 people. SERRALUNGA's concept in to re-examine the products realised in traditional materials and, paying attention to polymers evolution, to apply the more developed plastic technology to new articles, keeping their use and functionality unchanged. As regards the traditional cheap polymer pots, SERRALUNGA pays the maximum attention to the creativity and to the never common innovation taste, taking care of aesthetics and functional details. Last but not least, the pot is thought with a little bit of the traditional italian irony.

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