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Since 2010 Sitzfeldt builds sofas for people with high standards. Berlin's brand stands for traditional furniture craft and contemporary shopping on the internet. In their work, the founding members - Anna Deyerling, Julius Martini and Clemens Deyerling - follow three clearly defined goals that have appeared not combinable in the furniture industry so long: elegant, clear design, high sustainability in production and a surprisingly low price. This ensures the company by direct sales: Sitzfeldt customers order online only, so that the costs of storage, showrooms and dealers are eliminated. That way, high quality material, excellent manufacturing and sophisticated design become affordable with Sitzfeldt. From this, not only consumers benefit, but also architects and interior designers with whom Sitzfeldt work.

When manufacturing, sustainability aspects are of special importance for Sitzfeldt. And initially, that means longevity to Sitzfeldt. Therefore Sitzfeldt sticks to timeless classic designs, not on short-term trends and uses only durable and sustainable materials: high-quality fabrics all come from traditional weavers in Italy, the leather of Heller-Leder – the tannery which was honoured with the eco label “Der Blaue Engel” as the first tannery worldwide. From design to manufacturing, the company works with known and proven partners who share the quality and the value of Sitzfeldt. This is appreciated by demanding customers who experience many great moments on Sitzfeldt’s sofas.