According to Le Corbusier, the staircase is "the queen of architecture". The innovative Nuremberg based staircase manufacturer Spitzbart has been dedicated to the art of building “the way up” for over 40 years. Spitzbart staircases are handcrafted unique pieces of art, whether they are made of wood or stone, glass, steel or stainless steel - the possibilities are inexhaustible, the designs new and trendy.

The avant-garde spitzbart treppen artforum at the headquarters in Oberasbach near Nuremberg has perfected Margit Spitzbart's visions: In addition to the ongoing art exhibitions, technical and craft competitions are held here. In an open workshop, visitors can experience the wide range of services offered through modern staircase construction. The showroom provides information on design development and design trends for professionally manufactured staircases for all occasions. spitzbart treppen artforum is worth a visit for all interior design enthusiasts.

Staircases are not only a part of everyday culture but a part of the daily life of the family business. This is why the unusual-looking Munich branch with its lightning-blue glazed façade resembles an art gallery. Spitzbart presents a variety of staircase types, which are attractive design elements that fit perfectly into the architecture of a house or the respective style of living. Spitzbart provides professional and comprehensive advice on aesthetic folding staircases, lively spiral staircases, the latest laser stringer staircases, sawtooth and wickerwork, as well as handrails and banisters, which can be finely covered with leather.


Spitzbart Treppen München GmbH

Leopoldstraße 126
80802 München

T: +49 (0)89 470 77 408
F: +49 (0)89 470 77 409

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