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Kunststoffe GmbH

Heinrich-Schickardt-Straße 1
72221 Haiterbach

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Triplex Kunststoffe GmbH in Haiterbach / Germany is a specialty manufacturer of innovative 3-layer panels with outstanding strength and surprisingly light weight. Featuring superb quality, a wide selection of products to choose from and versatility for almost any application, Triplex panels are in great demand in markets in Europe and throughout the world.

While using premium raw materials and advanced process technologies, Triplex also understands the need to meet users' economic requirements. Cost minimization is achieved with the help of highly qualified staff, efficient working procedures and state-of-the-art production equipment – benefits which Triplex passes along directly to their customers.

A further keystone of Triplex's corporate philosophy is environmental responsibility – beyond that required by legal regulations. All manufacturing processes are designed for use of environment-friendly raw materials and energy-efficient operation.