Ardesia Ligure Domino naturale

Ardesia Ligure Domino naturale
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Product description

With a surface livened up by an endless number of smoothed tiny squares, DOMINO pays homage to the special and innovative technologies developed for the production of Q-BO products. The thickness of the texture gradually in- and decreases, creating a dyna

mic impact and a complex pattern setting a challenge for the production process, masterfully solved Q-BO's technical. DOMINO is a natural and precious tile, characterised by a highly precise surface treatment and with high design content. It is the perfec

t solution to enrich residential and contract, indoor and outdoor, small and large environments.

Q-BO is a new generation of natural materials as the result of its founders' long experience in low relief decoration on ceramics, natural stone, glass

and wood. Thanks to avant-garde technologies and specifically developed exclusive equipment, Q-BO produces wall- and floor- coverings in natural stone and marble, with reliefs, shapes and design decorations. Selected in the best Italian quarries and care

fully elaborated with decoration techniques and surface treatments, the top quality marbles and stones - Bianco Carrara, Crema Luna and Ardesia Ligure - transform into a new concept of surfaces. An innovative and high quality product as a banner of natura

lness, pleasant touch and high aesthetic quality.

Length500 mm
Width250 mm
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Marmo Project, Italy