Product description

Inmotion, the new project of Neuland, German duo Paster and Geldmacher, is an original, versatile, customisable and cross furnishing system that contributes to characterise our home landscape, as it can interpret the many needs of contemporary living at best.
The range includes column sectionals, ground, stackable and hanging sectionals.

The designersʼ great challenge in approaching the freestanding storage unitʼs aesthetic innovation theme lied in rethinking the product starting from a side view, that is not uniquely a frontal one, thus enhancing a section of the cabinet that usually, by its nature, is not considered in terms of usage but for combination.
For this new storage unit system, designers have worked out a 3D aesthetic and functional innovation concept that involves both the side and frontal section of the cabinet, by introducing a rotating unit that evokes the idea of the antique furnitureʼs secret drawer, that depending on needs, enables to hide or unveil its own contents.

The systemʼs flexibility is considerable: swivel modules, with drawers or large drawers, with flip opening door, stackable sectionals or sectionals to be flanked, free-standing or wall-mounted. The elements can be highly customised: the open compartments as well as the rotary units may feature different materials and/or colours and can be newly varied by the customer even after their purchase.

All of the units are made of medium-density wood fibreboard varnished in a matt white, only open compartments and rotary compartments are available in the following options:
- matt white, green, orange, blue, sand, ivory, yellow and anthracite grey - natural wood and natural grey wood
- frosted glass

The units are divided into two main categories:
- column storage units with doors, 185.5 cm high, with plinth and adjustable small feet available in the following lengths: 34, 45, 53 cm. Only the L34 and L53 cm modules are equipped with an open rotary storage unit, made of medium-density wood fibreboard. Column storage units with rotary units are reversible vertically.
- low ground-resting storage units (base unit), 32 cm high with a 2.5 cm plinth and adjustable small feet; available in the following lengths 53, 85, 144, 203 cm.
- low stackable storage units, 32 cm high with a 1.6 cm spacer
- low hanging storage units, 32 cm high, in length 53, 85, 144 cm; equipped with a kit for wall mounting.

The low ground-resting and stackable storage units can be used in the middle of the room as well.

Some units are also available in the version arranged for cable management, with a white-lacquered aluminium door on the top of the storage unit.

Width340 mm / 450 mm / 530 mm
Height1855 mm / 1880 mm
Depth480 mm
Cupboard front finishfolding door front
shades of blue
shades of brown
shades of yellow
shades of grey
shades of green
shades of orange
shades of beige
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